James – The story of a former smoker

James quit smoking on 15th August 2020 with support from Laura at the Stop Smoking Service a year ago. We caught up with James out to find out about his experience of quitting smoking and impact this has had on his life 14 months later.

Why did you decide to use the Stop Smoking Service?

I had decided to quit and looked on the internet to see what support was available to me. I clicked the link and thankfully it led me to the service.

How did the service help you quit? 

My advisor spoke to me about why I smoke and advised on best course of action to stop. She set me up on a course of tablets , but as important to me offered advice and support around what to expect and why your body/mind was acting in certain ways. I strongly believe that by understanding WHY was the key to me stopping. The support calls really made the difference.

Had you tried to quit before and why was it different when getting support from the Stop Smoking Service?

Yes, on at least 3 occasions, the difference this time was the support and the style it was delivered, I never felt pressured just really genuinely supported.

 How long have you been smoke free and what difference do you feel it has made in your life?

14 months and has made a huge difference to me, not only the obvious health benefits but also my thinking approach and my view of why I smoked in the first place, Laura really had a long-term positive effect on me.

What advice would you give to smokers who are considering using the service?

Firstly, stop because you want to, contact the Stop Smoking Service, and go for it! The lights on moment for me was when Laura explained that the brain loves to be stimulated and will convince you that smoking is the way forward, that really turned the whole smoking addiction on its head for me and made me determined to take back control.

The Stop Smoking Service provides free specialist one to one appointments with an experienced stop smoking advisor. Your advisor will provide support and can prescribe stop smoking medications to help you on your journey to becoming smoke free.  You are 3x more likely to quit with support than by going it alone.


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