Smoking In Pregnancy Case Study – Alexandra Hamberger

Why did you decide to use the Stop Smoking Service?

I needed to quit smoking for the health of my unborn baby and for

myself. I was put in the high risk anyway due to smoking.


How did the Stop Smoking Service help you?

By giving me free prescription.

My advisor Jackie was so helpful, kind and very calming.


How long have you been smoke free and what difference do you feel it has made to your life?

I have been smoke free for 10 months.

I feel a lot healthier and happier.


What advice would you give to a smoker who is considering using the service?

Take all the help you can get. It does get easier, think of all the chemicals

you are putting in your body. I never thought I could be a non-smoker, as I have

been smoking since the age of 13.  I have saved £2,000 since quitting smoking; with

the money I am going to buy a car.