Time for that smoking break?

Welcome to the Stop Smoking Service, your path to a smoke-free life.

Habits are hard to break and smoking can be one of the toughest.  If you want to stop a habit that’s hard to shift, what you need to get you started is a little… disruption.

That’s where we come in.  Think of us as a welcome interruption to a routine you want to see the back of.  We’re here to help you break the habit. And because we’re part of your local council health service, it’s all for free and no GP referral is needed.

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Discover your path to smoke-free living

At the Stop Smoking Service, we believe in empowering you to quit smoking without unnecessary hurdles. That’s why we offer a self-referral service, eliminating the need to go through a GP.  We can help with:

  • Finding you your perfect ‘quitting’ match: Say goodbye to smoking with our expert guidance in choosing the right product for you from a variety of nicotine replacement options, or a free E-cigarette Starter Kit
  • Behaviour boosts: we’re here to help you conquer those pesky habits by identifying and reducing the triggers that lead you to light up
  • Talking it out: our advisers are ready to provide you with knowledge, support, and guidance to provide you with the tools to conquer cravings and embrace a smoke-free lifestyle
  • Expert resources: our comprehensive resources and tools demystify the quitting process to help you quit for good

What does it cost?

If you are a resident of Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, and Milton Keynes, it won’t cost you a penny*. The Stop Smoking Service is a totally free, supportive service designed to help you become smoke-free.

Refer yourself today

We know that breaking the habit can be tough, but with our personalised approach, quitting has never been more achievable.

Quickly and easily refer yourself online or by phone – there’s no need to go through your GP.  We know it’s easier to break the habit if you’ve got some support, and that’s exactly what our team of friendly, judgement-free advisers are here to do.

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Ignite your freedom, tips to get you started

Every day is a new opportunity to get started on a smoke-free life, here are some top tips from our advisors to help you take the first step:

  • Download our “self help guide” and complete your smoking diary and document your smoke-free days with our daily doodle, also how you managed triggers and your victories to stay motivated using the free app ‘My Quit Route’
  • Plan your quit day by choosing a date, clear your surroundings of smoking items, and increase your chances of success. You can track your progress and mark each smoke-free day to give yourself a boost of accomplishment
  • Write a quitting letter to yourself can reinforce your determination by reminding yourself why you want to quit
  • Reward your achievements and celebrate the small and big victories, treating yourself as you reach milestones
  • Set a savings goal and pocket the money previously spent on cigarettes. Use our money calculator to find out how much you will save by quitting
  • Change your routine and replace smoking habits with new hobbies to reshape your daily life
  • Seek support and involve friends and family in your journey for ongoing encouragement
  • Manage your cravings with delay tactics and distractions until the urge to smoke subsides. Stay occupied and keep busy during trigger times
  • Consider Nicotine Replacement Therapy or an e-cigarette to ease your transition away from smoking

Further information

“I didn’t believe that I could stop smoking as I’ve been smoking for 25 years plus, but with the help of the clinic and my support worker, this was achievable.  She was just a text away and she really encouraged me.  This is the first time in my life that I’ve stopped smoking on my own terms with medication.  I’m so proud of myself and I’m also very thankful to the Stop Smoking support worker.”

*Our service is completely free of charge in terms of appointments, support and access to all our resources. Our E-cigarettes are also free of charge, the only cost to you would potentially be a standard prescription free at the pharmacy if you were to collect NRT (nicotine replacement therapy) – this would depend on if you are exempt from NHS prescription fee charges already.