Stoptober is back.

This year marks Stoptober’s 10 year anniversary!


Over the past 10 years, Stoptober has helped over 2 million people make a quit attempt. This year, the campaign is celebrating these individuals and inspiring the current 6 million smokers in England to give quitting a go. Defeating cigarettes can give you back your freedom and help you become healthier, fitter, save you money and even look better.

We are encouraging residents to support their family, friends, and colleagues this Stoptober, to help them to ditch their cigarettes for 28 days (starting 1 October), to experience the physical and mental health benefits that quitting smoking brings.

Someone who quits smoking for the 28 days of Stoptober is five times more likely to stay smoke free for good. They are three times more likely to succeed in their goals with behavioural support and medication from a specialist. Combining professional help with support from family and friends is a huge bonus. Quitting can improve mood and help relieve stress, anxiety, and depression.

Be a supportive friend this Stoptober, spread the word about The Stop Smoking Service. Support and encourage the people you care about to sign up today and go smoke free.

Quitting is easier with a little help, so this Stoptober, help to clear the air with friends!

Find out how by clicking here or phoning 0800 013 0553, for FREE.

Joining us this Stoptober can be one of the most effective ways to successfully quit smoking. 
Our FREE service includes:

Product advice

Getting help to find the right product for you including a selection of Nicotine Replacement Products (NRT) and Champix (prescribed medication).

Personalised plans

Tailored, specialist support from our expert advisors that will help you to tweak the habits and behaviours that trigger your desire to smoke.

E-cigarette support

Although we cannot provide e-cigarettes, we can support you alongside their use to help you quit smoking.

Free 24/7 support

A FREE comprehensive app ‘My Quit Route’ that will allow you to plan and organise your quit attempt, supporting you 24 hours a day.

Expert mentoring

A dedicated advisor to who can support you through regular telephone or video call appointments to assist you in your quit journey.

There are many Stoptober campaign resources available, check them out here!

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Download our free Stoptober resources to help change someones life this October.

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Stoptober Campaign Guide 2021


Join us this Stoptober and change your life for the better

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Did you know…

While you may not notice how much tobacco smoke dulls your senses it usually becomes noticeable once you quit. Smoking may be the cause of numerous types of cancers, cardiovascular diseases and a myriad of other smoke related health risks, however very few smokers are aware of how much smoking significantly impairs both the sense of smell and taste.

Within days of stopping smoking your senses should start to return to normal.