On the 7th day of Quitmas and Smokefree Pets

Day 7

On the seventh day of Quitmas…not smoking gave to me…

Happy families… Our loved ones are important to us and often provide one of our biggest motivations to quit. Whether you’re pregnant, quitting for your children, worried about passive smoking or just want to be healthy enough to enjoy making memories with your nearest and dearest in the future, it’s can be helpful to keep them in mind.


Look after your pets

In the UK we are known to love our pets and it is believed that every other household has a pet which includes cats, dogs, birds, parrots, hamsters, house rabbits, lizards and many more.

Many people don’t realise that second-hand smoke can be very dangerous for pets and can led to health problems such as:

  • breathing problems
  • asthma
  • cancers
  • eye and nose infections
  • heart issues
  • skin irritation

Pets love to groom themselves but if exposed to second-hand smoke the toxic particles cling onto their fur and when grooming they ingest the toxins. In some cases, this has led to animals growing tumours in their mouth from licking the toxins off their fur. Quitting smoking is the best way to protect your pets.

If you are not ready to quit these steps can help keep your pets safe:

  • avoid smoking in the house, smoke outside and shut the door behind you
  • wash your hands after smoking before touching your pet
  • if using an ashtray keep this out of the way of your pet
  • when traveling with your pet in the car, keep the car smokefree
  • wash your clothes, pets love a hug but remember the particles will be on your clothes

The most important and best way to protect your pets is to quit smoking all together.

If you are using any products that contain nicotine remember to keep them out of children’s and pet’s way as nicotine if swallowed is toxic and can cause illness or in severe cases death.

For more in dept information on how second-hand smoke can affect pets visit: https://www.bluecross.org.uk/pet-advice/is-it-safe-to-smoke-around-cats-and-dogs

You don’t have to go it alone

The Stop Smoking Service is there to offer you the guidance you need. There’s lots of FREE support on offer and by using the help that’s right for you, you’ll be boosting your chance of quitting for good. Please call 0800 013 0553 or to refer yourself via the website please click here

FREE My Quit Route App

Not ready to speak to us just yet? Why not download out free My Quit Route app. Its free to anyone who lives or works in Milton Keynes, Central Bedfordshire or Bedford Borough. The app will guide you through a set of questions to help you decided what support is right for you. It has a range of self-help activities to manage cravings, stress and day to day triggers around your smoking. Available from Apple and Google Play