The Stop Smoking Service is here to help your workplace to become a smoke-free environment with the assistance of our friendly, specialist advisors.

How can the Stop Smoking Service help?


We are a free specialist council run service who support people to quit smoking. We offer structured programmes with specialist behavioural support alongside products designed to make quitting easier.

As a service we can support your workplace by:

Providing resources
The Stop Smoking Service can provide resources to your workplace, such as posters, leaflets and workplace cards for you to display to help your staff access support to quit smoking.

Supporting your smokefree policy
If you don’t already have one, we can support you in developing any smoke-free policies for your workplace or update any that you may already have in place;
these measures will support you in adhering to smoke-free legislation.

Supporting your staff to quit smoking
We run one-to-one clinics on the phone or in the local area in person, with our experienced specialist advisors. An employee can refer themselves into the service or a referral can be made from your workplace. We can also provide
support to those who are using vapes, e-cigarettes and other tobacco products and want to stop smoking.

Providing training (can be delivered virtually or in person)
Very Brief Advice Training (VBA) – Equips your staff to be able to have brief informative conversations about smoking, encouraging someone to quit and help someone access stop smoking support either by signposting or referring into the Stop Smoking Service.

Level 2 Advisor Training – Our service will train a member of your staff to become a Level 2 Stop Smoking Advisor, learning about behaviour, addiction and the products to aid this and as part of this, they will receive ongoing support from us. The Level 2 Advisor will support colleagues to stop smoking and be a point of contact for them.
Your organisation can receive payment from the Stop Smoking Service for providing this in-house service in your workplace.

Attending Health and Wellbeing Events
We are happy to attend health and wellbeing events to promote the benefits of quitting smoking and offer our support to quit.