No Smoking Day 2021

With everything that has happened this last year it can be easy to convince yourself that it is not a good time to quit smoking – but it is. Last year, during lockdown, one million people quit.

New research confirms that those ex-smokers will now be feeling happier and more positive than if they were still smoking. We don’t often talk about the benefits of quitting to mental health, but just as it improves your physical health, stopping smoking also improves your sense of wellbeing.

A new study, published today, has found that smokers who stop have better mental health than those who continue to smoke. The study found that benefits could be seen as soon as six weeks and were maintained even a number of years after stopping. The benefits to mental health were estimated to be equivalent to taking anti-depressants on improving people’s mood.

Robert West, Emeritus Professor of Health Psychology at UCL, shares his top tips on making quitting smoking as stress-free as possible:

Withdrawal can be tough, but with help, you can come out the other side feeling happier, healthier and wealthier too.

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