Client Feedback Interview


Linda smoked 40 cigarettes a day and quit smoking on January 22nd 2007, with support from a Stop Smoking Service. We caught up with Linda to find out about her experience of quitting smoking and the impact this has had on her life years later.


Why did you decide to use the Stop Smoking Service?

On a couple of occasions, I had fallen asleep with a lit cigarette in my hand and when I woke up, I had burnt a hole in my duvet. Not only was I putting my life at risk I was risking my dogs’ lives and that’s what made me want to stop smoking.


How did the service help you?

I called the GP who gave me the contact details for the Stop Smoking Service. I missed the first session of the group but attended the second session, the group ran for two months, and I attended once a week.


We discussed what options there where to help me, we looked at all the Nicotine Replacement Therapy products and I was given free patches and inhalator the next week.


We did our CO reading and mine was very high, you can’t see what’s going into your body but seeing the reading made a big impact on me. When I quit smoking and returned to the group to do the next reading, I blew a 0, and I was so pleased with myself.

On a weekly basis we worked out how much money I had been saving and that was a big incentive.

Being in a group environment really helped as we supported each other, and I felt I didn’t want to let anyone down.


 Have you tried to quit before and why was if different when getting support from the Stop Smoking Service?

I tried to quit smoking on a few occasions, but something always seemed to happen, and I would go back to smoking.  I found it was easier to quit with the support of the group.


How long have you been smokefree and what difference do you feel it has made to your life?

I have been smokefree for 16 years now, I’m 71 and running around, I have more energy to run about and I have more time to do more things I enjoy.


What advice would you give to smokers who are considering using the service?

There is a fear of giving up smoking and a fear of the unknown but with the support anyone can do it.


Cravings will come and go but if you can do something else to distract yourself that will help.  You may think about smoking, but the thought can go within a short space of time, you have to try not to succumb to it and learn to ride along with it.


Relaxation and meditation also helped me when I had a craving.


Looking at the positive things that will happen when you quit is important and try not to focus on the negatives.


Go for it, think of me, and give it ago.


The Stop Smoking Service provides free specialist one to one appointments with a experienced stop smoking advisor, Your advisor will provide support and can prescribe stop smoking medications to help you on your journey to become smokefree. You are 3 x more likely to quit with support than by going it alone.