Pick a date you are comfortable with, mark it on your calendar and stick to it. Prior to this date it is advisable to throw out all cigarettes, ash trays and lighters. From your quit date onwards, you should not smoke at all not even that odd one puff.



Note down all the reasons you want to quit, place this is in an area you cannot miss. This will be helpful in staying motivated. You can also set an hourly reminder on your phone.









Tweak your daily routine to suit your decision to quit smoking. Where possible, incorporate a hobby or exercise to destract yourself.

You can either purchase smoking aids such as NRT or E-cigarrettes at your local pharmacy or trusted vape store. Alternatively, you can sign up to your local stop smoking service to get stop smoking support and smoking aids.


It is important to inform people you spend most of your time with about your attempt to quit smoking. Also, politely request that they do not smoke when you are around and do not leave cigarretes or lighters laying around; this is the best way they can help you to quit.



List down a few things that worked in your previous attempt and what you can do differently to make this attempt even better.


Device a strategy that best works for your cravings. It may seem hard in the beginning, you may struggle but keep reminding yourself why you need to quit. Speak to your advisor about how to control your cravings at your next appointment.




Make a list of things that make you think “I need a cigarette” do not leave anything out no matter how irrelevant they may seem. Identifying your triggers is a great start to overcoming them.


















Try as much as possible to avoid being idle. When you need to rest, make sure you have your stop smoking aids with you. Keep reminding yourself why you need to quit and stay motivated.

This will be one lifestyle change you wont regret making.