Stoptober 2023 “When you stop smoking, good things start to happen.”

Stoptober 2023 “When you stop smoking, good things start to happen.”

Stoptober is back this October, with a new national campaign designed to encourage and support you to quit for good. Despite smoking rates declining in recent years, over 5 million people in England still smoke and it remains the single biggest cause of preventable illness and death in the UK. Since its inception in 2012, Stoptober has successfully helped 2.5 million smokers to make a quit attempt and has become a well-recognised annual event in the public health calendar.

The theme for this year’s campaign is ‘When you stop smoking, good things start to happen’, is to remind you of the many benefits of quitting and provide useful tips to help you on your quitting journey.


The Stop Smoking Service

Quitting smoking can be a difficult goal to achieve. This is due to the physical effects of nicotine withdrawal on the body and the habitual changes quitting will have on the way you live your life. You are trying to change long term physical and psychological addictions, which we know is not easy.


BUT, did you know, you are up to three times more likely to quit if you use a combination of stop smoking products with specialist support from your local Stop Smoking Service. We can now provide you with FREE e-cigarettes to get you on your journey. If you are considering quitting, the Stop Smoking Service are there to help YOU.

 By getting support from the Stop Smoking Service, you will:

  • Get help to find the right product for you and guidance on how to use it. There are a wide range of products available, which, with your advisor’s guidance, you will receive a bespoke plan based on your needs, from a selection of Nicotine Replacement products (NRT) and/or E-cigarettes.
  • Receive specialist behavioural support to help tweak habits and behaviours that trigger the desire to smoke.
  • Talk to an experienced advisor, who has helped many people to quit and can share their expertise with you.


I don’t smoker but I vape?

Fantastic! Unfortunately, there is a lot of misconceptions still around vaping, and as long as you used it to quit smoking, you should feel proud of this achievement and only quit vaping when you are absolutely comfortable to do so, you wouldn’t want to go back to square 1 after that hard work! Although we only support those addicted to tobacco, if you do want help to quit vaping, please click here for our free vaping resources.


I’m not sure I’m ready to quit smoking?

  1. Click here to get more information on: Health improvements, withdrawal symptoms, Stop smoking aids, E-cigarettes, Tips to help you quit smoking.
  2. Read through our self help guide to get an indication of what our programme requires and keep this ready for when you do start!
  3. Google, “Stoptober”, or for a range of information and free support tools, visit the Better Health – Quit Smoking

I want to quit smoking now!

Amazing, now you have done your homework, know the benefits of quitting and are motivated to get going this Stoptober, you can:

Book an appointment by clicking here or call 0800 013 0553 today to kickstart your free support this Stoptober.

GOOD LUCK and enjoy your new found healthy lifestyle!